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Go beyond the console and into an in-person shooting experience.

Maybe you go to the range once a month and are able to shoot a static target 10- or 20-feet down range. It is much more difficult when your target is moving, your target is shooting back at you and you are drawing a holstered weapon. That's what virtual training does for you. It gives you that element of surprise and split-second decision making that may be required of you in a hostile situation. If you have either a firearm at home or carry concealed, you'll appreciate the added training benefit.

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VSR - Virtual Shooting Range of Fayetteville NC

Using CO2 powered guns with lasers, participants get to shoot a variety of virtual scenarios – zombies, Texas stars, bottles, and more!  One or two competitors can shoot at a time!

Chose between a quick 5 minute (our sampler) shoot or a 10-minute shoot or our zombie extermination competition experiences.

Because there is no ammunition, these laser pistols are an inexpensive and lead-free alternative to going to the range!